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Welcome to JB Interpreting

JB Interpreting, LLC (JBI) is a small woman-owned business that specializes in providing sign language interpreting and transliterating services to both the private and public sectors. JBI offers experienced sign language interpreters who specialize in facilitating communication between Deaf and hearing consumers while maintaining quality in our work.

Communications is essential to the success of any organization and JBI has the capability and capacity to ensure that the production of the communication between the Deaf and hearing consumers is accurate, complete, and seamless. Additionally, JBI's interpreters recognize that participating in the exchange of information is a privilege which demands the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Unlike agencies from across the nation who often "cold call" interpreters to fill contracts in DC, JBI has an ongoing relationship in the professional ASL interpreting community in the nation's capital, and is able to specifically match the work with the most qualified interpreters.

JBI offers a cost effective solution to finding premium quality interpreting services from among the areas best interpreters.